New York Times

"Composition or improvisation, classical or jazz, white or black—all categories crumble in the face of accomplishment. Mr. Mayer proved he could do it again, that the past could be honorably reborn."

John Rockwell


"Mr. Mayer is a musician of wide-ranging interests who has played standard concerto repertory with major international orchestras. He gave a boldly expressive account of Mozart's A Minor Rondo and a rhapsodic reading of Schumann's haunting Sonata in F# Minor. Mr. Mayer's renditions of Art Tatum's solos are amazing facsimiles. You have to admire his dedication to this music and the technical brilliance of his playing."

Anthony Tommasini


"Steven Mayer gave a mightily atmospheric performance of Ives' Concord Sonata."

Alex Ross


"In fact, Mr. Mayer makes a habit of juxtaposing Art Tatum and Charles Ives as two shapings of vernacular Americana. Mayer, a dazzling virtuoso, plays the pieces in question as well as anyone."

Joseph Horowitz


U.S. and International

"Mayer's piano artistry is simply awe-inspiring. What he brings to the keyboard that is so wonderful land personal is sanity and a clarity of thinking that are combined with high imagination and articulate fingers. He has a keen sense of proportion—and inborn feeling for architecture—that lifts his playing into an individual realm."

John Ardoin, The Dallas Morning News


"Mayer's Mozart was dynamically marvelous (Concerto No. 27, St. Louis Symphony, Catherine Comet, conductor). He produced a good, full tone and molded it with remarkable variety within an appropriately narrow range."

St. Louis Post Dispatch


"…drop-dead virtuosity…" (Liszt Totentanz, The Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart, conductor).

The Boston Herald


"The performance was straightforward, exciting, excellent, and the audience couldn't have been happier." (Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue, The Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Carl St. Clair, conductor).

Los Angeles Times


After this spectacular debut there is no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from American pianist Steven Mayer."

The London Daily Telegraph


"Steven Mayer truly lacks nothing when it comes to talent. It seemed for him a joy to conquer every difficulty and he gave a true display of fireworks with respect to dynamic nuances, accents, meaningful phrasings and surprising highpoints."

Kölner Kultur (Germany)

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